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New violent generation of Nazis are growing stronger in Sweden

Sweden TodayPosted by administrator Tue, December 17, 2013 01:47:23
A new generation of violent Nazis are spreading and getting stronger across whole Sweden. A large number of those has been arrested for the attack in Kärrtorp just days ago and are under 20 and have been previously convicted of crimes, shows the DN's review.

One of the suspects is already convicted of attempting to kill a left activist with a knife.

The violent attack on an anti-racism demonstration in the Stockholm suburb Kärrtorp on Sunday was a response to the protests against the Nazi group Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR). It says SMR's own spokesperson Pär Öberg in an interview with the Daily News. - They go out and say that the Swedish Resistance Movement would not have been in Kärrtorp and I see it as a major provocation. It is more or less a declaration of war, says Pär Öberg.

- It is our policy to use force in self-defense and there are some who aggressively threatens to drive us out of Kärrtorp it is clear that there will be violence, there's nothing strange about it, he says.

According to police, it was around 30 people who attacked the demonstration with sticks, stones and bottles. Four people, including two policemen, were taken to hospital.

A total of 26 people were arrested and detained after the attack. Anti-racism demonstration was organized by the Network Line 17 but among the peaceful demonstrators were also, according to multiple sources, people from extreme left Revolutionary Front and the AFA. They should have gone to back-attack against the Nazis. But only the right-wing extremist was arrested, according to police.

- All detainees are from the right side, says Jonny Peterson, Acting Chief Operating Officer at police in southern Stockholm.

DN checked by calling the Police on Monday and found that 24 of those arrested, nearly half are under the age 20. One was a minor. Several of the suspects are convicted of various crimes, including knife and gun crime, assault, drug offenses and hate speech. A 28-year-old man from Stockholm County, which is a member of SMC, was convicted of attempted manslaughter in 2007 after cutting up a left activist in her throat.

According to historian Mats Deland at Uppsala University, SMR is a direct heir to the Nazi organization VAM. The leader Klas Lund has been convicted of manslaughter and robbery. But he is not alone among members about being convicted of felonies.
- This organization's actual purpose is to exert violence. One of the most famous and early attacks was the assassination of Björn Söderberg 1999. Members of this group have committed a series of murders in the 1990s - and the 2000s, says Mats Deland.

SMR is openly Nazi and on the organization's online magazine hailed several known extrem right including Adolf Hitler. The online magazine-chief was indicted in early December of hate speech and incitement.

Mats Deland sees alll this as the beginning of a new wave of violence from SMC.
- You could say that this is the third outbreak of violence, the first was in 1991-92 when ended up virtually all in jail. Then there was a new round in 1999, although it led to a large proportion of SMR ended up in jail. We get to see the same story again,- says Mats Deland.

According to Mats Delands research, SMR often attracts people from socialy lower class families.
- Now we see clearly a new generation and they are coming from year 2000s free nationalists groups.

Swedish Resistance Movement is one of the groups of extreme right-wing groups that SAPO has a closer look at, according to Ahn-Za Hagstrom, chief analyst at SAPO.

The anti-racist organization Expo, which maps the extreme right, has long been concerned over Swedish Resistance.
- One may suspect that they are trying to brand themselves as the most radical option within the Nazi environment. That in itself is worrying because they like that will continue to attract the most violent individuals in this environment, says editor Anders Dalsbro.

According to SMR spokesperson Pär Öberg, who also sits in the national leadership of the Swedish Resistance Movement, they will continue their acts of violence.
Will there be more confrontations and violence?

- Yes definitely, absolutely, says Pär Öberg. (DN)

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