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Swedish nazis attacked peaceful demonstration in Stockholm

Sweden TodayPosted by administrator Mon, December 16, 2013 01:04:09
30-40 people went on the attack against an anti-Nazi demonstration in Kärrtorp in southern Stockholm on Sunday. Two people got puncture wounds, several police officers were injured and 28 people were arrested.

A few hundred people had gathered for a permission given demonstration against Nazism in Kärrtorp at lunchtime on Sunday in southern Stockholm.
- It was mainly the residents of the area, many children, many elderly, says Anna Johansson, who was there with her seven-year daughter.
A bit into the demonstration came about 30-40 black-clothed people and attacked the demonstrators.

- Everyone was terrified, says Anna Johansson and says that several were glass fragments on and that one was hit by a firecracker near the head.
Kajsa Deer Tribe came by subway to connect to the demonstration.
- I heard screams, then I thought that now it has happened. So I ran down to see what happened, she says, and continues:

- There were a lot of rough play, the cast stone and glass bottles and firecrackers.
The protesters managed to fend off the attackers against a forest, where they disappeared. Several police officers also came to the scene and tear gas spray added to intro.

A police officer have been attacked by ladder, according to witness statements. Two officers were hit by stones and taken to hospital, as well as two people with needle-stick injuries.
- The policeman were hit everywhere, both head and body. There are more police officers injured, but they do not need immediate medical care, says Kjell Lindgren at Stockholm police.

28 people arrested in connection with the attack. Classification of offences was initially attempted murder, incitement to racial hatred, rioting and assaulting a police officer.
Several people condemned the fact that so few policemen were present at the demonstration.

- That's very weak by the police, - that they did not deposit more resources for this demonstration, says Kajsa Deer Tribe.
Kjell Lindgren says there were about ten police officers on site to monitor the demonstration.

- If you look historically so I do not know that at some point before in history, in this type of demonstration people would have been attacked physically, so that's the reason why we commanded to this event just 10 officers. Afterwords, it's of course easy to have opinions.
On its website the militant Nazi organization Swedish Resistance Movement, takes the full responsibility for the attack. (TT )

* The militant Nazi organization Swedish Resistance Movement (SMR) are part of the white power movement, and was founded in 1997.

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