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Nazis marched in the streets of Lidköpings

Sweden TodayPosted by administrator Sun, December 08, 2013 10:33:22
1936 Nazis marched through Lidköping. Today it was time again when Swedes Party marched through the city. For 77 years ago degenerated demonstration in fights, today's march went according to police calmly .

- We are satisfied with today 's command , said police spokesman Björ Blixer .
Jönköping, Stockholm , Karlskrona , Johannesburg , Ludvika. This past year, the Nazi Party Swedes riding around in Sweden , demonstrated and held rallies .

The party , which was formerly called the National Socialist Front, is included on the Service's list of organizations in the White Power movement , long-term goal of abolishing democracy and believes that only " ethnic Swedes " to become a citizen of Sweden.

300 counter-demonstrators - 29 cared

Quiet , with burning torches and the sound of rhythmical drumbeats , the CCP started today his march through Lidköping. About 150 sympathizers had come together - and guarded by a massive police operation . The train was met by boos and occasional percussion caps when there just before 18:00 reached New Square.
Around 300 protestors had gathered - but despite fears of violence passed off the afternoon with no confrontations between groups.
Protected by a ring of police officers left the SVP - sympathizers square after a few short speeches at 19 o'clock . Meanwhile, 18 counter-demonstrators were taken into custody and were bussed out from the central parts of Lidköping to avoid clashes.
Earlier in the afternoon, police apprehended a total of 11 people for public disturbance, in connection with the demonstration.
- We are pleased with today's commanding says Björ Blixer , police spokesman at the scene.

" Are not these boys literate ? "

For Lidköpings Georg Larsson , 96 years old, brought the march 77 years old memories. 1936 implemented the Swedish National Socialist Workers Party demonstration in Lidköping - which ended in fights. Georg Larsson was in his 20s and went down to the city to see what happened. - We did not really know what the Nazis were at the time, so I wanted to get an idea , he says.
- People had armed themselves with sticks and at the courthouse , it was pandemonium .
Georg Larsson was not particularly impressed by the Nazis then - and questions the current manifestation.
- Are not these boys literate ? Just a few years after the demonstration here in Lidköping we got the proof of what Nazism leads to , he says. (aftonbladet)

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