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New shocking pictures of mistreated Swedish pigs

Sweden TodayPosted by administrator Thu, December 05, 2013 22:35:10
Pigs with docked tails and ears, pigs wading in feces, a pig that chews on a loose cloves. These are some of the things that the animal rights activists have been filmed in Swedish pig farms.

Animal Rights Alliance has illegally visited 15 farms in southern and central Sweden in October and November to document how the pig looks like in the environment they live. Three or four people dressed in protective clothing, - have on evening and night time entered the unlocked stables.

This is what the films shows as the Animal Rights Alliance claims comes from the 15 farms:

Dead pigs where found and around their remained body parts in the boxes where other pigs chewing and nibbling at their bodies.
In several places have dead pigs been lifted out of the boxes and layed down in the corridors.
On one farm, they found a dead pig, all in blood with guts outside of the body lying in the floor.
In one case, they found several pigs with wounded ears and lacking tails. It may be because they have been bitten off.
In many places missing straw or bedding on the floor.
In one place they found a pig that chews on a truncated pig cloves.
On many farms there were placed containers outdoors lacking lid filled with dead animals. It is against the rules and involves a risk of infection.
In two places, the floor covered in feces, although it should be dry. In a box pigs wade d in a decimeter with dung.

"Violation of animal right rules"

Animal Rights Alliance is a non profit activist organization working against cruelty to animals, and advocates veganism. They believe that animals should not be bred to be eaten. They believe that more or less all farms violates the rules, in that the pigs can not perform their natural behaviors.
- We would never treat dogs that way. It is sad to see, says Malin Gustafsson, spokesperson for Animal Rights Alliance.

Uncomfortable for inexperienced

SVT has shown the films of the Swedish Association of Pig Association. Chairman Ingemar Olsson understand that multiple images may look unpleasant out for anyone who has not seen the pig. But he believes that there may be explanations and the pictures do not prove general ills.
- You could say that these photos are the dark side, it is difficult to see the facts, how this is filmed and from which angels, but if the whole stable look this way, then it's not okay.
Ingmar Olsson reacts most strongly on the pig chewing on a pig cloves.
When it comes to dead in pigs case, Olsson says that the normal mortality, - from birth to slaughter is between one and one and a half percent. If the pigs died during the evening or night, they are lying in the box until the morning when they are removed. The law states that animals must have daily inspections.

"It should not look like this"

On a place where the pigs waded in feces Olsson says that it should look like this but it may be due to a temporary stop or water leak.
- Certainly what we saw should never happened and not look like this. This is probably a time where something happened in the stable. The farmer must fix this in the morning.
This time, the Animal Rights Alliance will not issue charges on police against the farms.
- Our main idea is to get this images to the public. We believe that people have the right to see how pigs are treated, says Malin Gustafsson.
To confirm the authenticity of the films have Animal Rights Alliance filmed today's paper and display on a GPS with the coordinates. It shows the time and place. SVT judge the films as credible but like Animal Rights Alliance has choosen not to point out individual farms.

Four years ago the Alliance revealed the mistreatment of pigs in Sweden
When Animal Rights Alliance in 2009 introduced surreptitiously filmed material from about a hundred Swedish farms taken over two years, it became a big scandal. Especially as one of the farms belonged to Lars Hultström, chairman of Swedish Meats.

Hultström resigned shortly after the films have been published. Animal Rights Alliance reported 92 of the farms to the Police for violations of the Animal Welfare Act. But in only two cases the police authority initiated an investigation.
Both investigation were later closed and none of the pig farms owners were sentenced for any crime. However two persons from the Animal Rights Alliance who come forward to testify were sentenced to pay fine. (SVT)

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