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Swedish Nazi campaign against newspaper offices

Sweden TodayPosted by administrator Mon, November 25, 2013 13:18:00
When Northern Skåne's deputy managing editor Anders Kauranen arrived to work this morning he was met with blue-yellow banner.

Neo-Nazi Swedes party had cordoned off the entrance to the newspaper in Hässleholmsvägen with blue and yellow ribbon and a sign : " Stop. This building has been sealed by the blue and yellow ribbon because of the Swedish hostile propaganda spread from here ."

- That sucks and we hope that the police will take it seriously , says Anders Kauranen TT. The attack is reported to the police.

Several newspaper offices will be experiencing during the morning. Hudiksvall magazine and Östran should have been met with the same roadblock. It's not the first time the Swede party running similar campaigns. A few weeks ago around 15 town halls and several newsrooms were exposed the same way around the country . The police didn't proceed in any way with the case that time because they saw it as " a symbolic gesture in the context of freedom of expression ."

Not the first time

The sign with the text, sits on the barricades outside on the front door and its signed by

- We still do not know who is behind, but we have filed a police report on it. Otherwise, I must say that, it is unacceptable to attempt to influence the newspaper and its journalistic mission, or try to prevent people getting in touch with the editor, says Minnie Karlsson -Berne Falk, publisher of Northern Skåne.

- We are not alone with this kind of action pointed against us, I understand . It's not the first time we are exposed to similar and we intend to complaint to the police , said Eric Arenius who is a news editor for the newspaper Östran. (TT)

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