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Hungarian Court Convicts Roma Of Racist Crime

Hungary TodayPosted by administrator Sat, March 05, 2011 00:43:39
"Pest Central District Court on Thursday handed down a total of 29 years in prison to all seven members of a gang, mostly Roma youths, after finding that they had beaten a man because he was Hungarian.

The court stated that the perpetrators had acted out of racist motives. The incident occurred on Tavaszmező utca in the Eighth District in 2009."

Fifteen roma attacked one hungarian student at Jószefváros

It all started as a street family quarrel, but later police launched an investigation as a racist attack in the street Tavaszmező where fifteen roma with a knife equipped attacked a hungarian student. Residential college students does not feel safe in the area, although so far there was no serious trouble.

In the VIII. District Tavaszmező street just a narrow road separates the modern college Budapest University of Technology from the street building which lays almost in ruins.

Near the house on September 30, a college student were attacked and heavily beatened by a group of Roma, of which five are currently in custody. "How dare you come on my street", messages have been by the Roma - they threatened the boy, who eventually fled to the college. The student got some real injuries afterwards.

Anyone we asked about the attack in the street, they were pointing to the ruined house - according to them the attackers lived there.

The hungarian boy had been attacked by fifteen roma and one of the attackers had more than a twenty-inch knife in his hand. The arriving police detained four men and a woman. They were suspected of commiting violence against community member, and suspected for commiting a racist crime, - for the roma not only regulary threatened a boy for beating him, but continued to threaten him becouse of his hungarian backgrund.

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