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Ágnes Heller denies the crimes of the Gyurcsany regime in EU Parliament hearing

European UnionPosted by administrator Sat, March 05, 2011 00:00:56
At the EU Parliament hearing on March the 2nd 2011, liberal philosopher Ágnes Heller denied that police shot at protesters during the 50th anniversary of 1956 revolution in 2006 October the 23.

Responding to Krisztina Morvai, Ágnes Heller vehemently denied the obvious; she said no one was shot or tortured during the 2006 police operations, despite thousand of photographs and video footages proving the opposite. The images show police shooting at protesters indiscriminately, even those that had nothing to do with the events, they just happened to be in the area because they lived in the neighborhood; police attacked indiscriminately everybody even handicap people with the obvious intent of intimidating the population.

She also said that the media law is nothing but a form of censorship, democracy is in danger in Hungary and the Hungarian President is a puppet.

Currently, Ágnes Heller and several other “intellectuals” are under criminal investigation for misusing state funds. (hungarianambiance)

»Take a look at the photos under the title “Police brutality in Hungary” to get an idea what Heller is denying at.

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