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Hungarian communities call for autonomy in Brussels

Carphatian BasinPosted by administrator Fri, March 04, 2011 23:50:35
Budapest, March 2 (MTI) - Hungarian communities outside Hungary will only survive if they are granted "geographical, personal, and customised" autonomies, said a statement issued by the Hungarian Autonomy Council, which held a session at the seat of the European Parliament in Brussels on Wednesday.

Member organisations of the Council will use all legal means to achieve autonomy for all Hungarians, which is "crucial for European stability," the document said.

Participants in the meeting also agreed that a European charter to protect the rights of ethnic minorities should be created.

Talking to reporters after the session, Hungarian MEP of Romania Laszlo Tokes said that the Council wants Hungary to adopt a protective role for Hungarian minorities living in areas that were ceded to neighbouring countries under peace treaties concluding the two world wars.

Hungarian communities want officials of their countries to start negotiations over the autonomy issue and they ask the European Union to support their endeavours, Tokes added. (MTI)

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