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MSZP, Jobbik agree on parliamentary committee posts

Elections 2010Posted by administrator Wed, May 12, 2010 21:22:24
The outgoing governing Socialists and radical nationalist party Jobbik came to an agreement on Tuesday on which of the two parties should control which parliamentary committees.

The Socialists will have the chairmanship of the audit committee and budgetary committee while Jobbik will head the national security committee as well as the youth, social, family and housing committee.

Socialist group leader Attila Mesterhazy said his party was unhappy that the foreign affairs committee would not be headed by the opposition. He noted that tradition dictates that foreign affairs should be headed by a deputy delegated by the opposition rather than the government.

Gabor Vona, the leader of Jobbik, told reporters that Jobbik had managed to secure the posts it had lobbied for.

"Jobbik has managed to gain posts which give it further scope to boost its strength," Vona said.

He said that securing leadership of the national security committee in particular was an "political breakthrough" for his party.

The parties will continue negotiations on which party is to head the employment and the consumer protection parliamentary bodies.

They will also decide on the deputy chairmanships. The Socialists are to have deputy heads in the farm and immunity committees while Jobbik will be represented at this level in the constitutional and local government bodies.

The Socialists have the right to three chairmen, Jobbik has two while green party Politics Can Be Different has one (LMP).

Andras Schiffer, LMP's incoming parliamentary group leader, said that it was particularly important that his party would be heading the committee on sustainable development. He added that the party was glad to gain four deputy-chairmanships in parliamentary committees. (Politics)

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