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Gov't-elect leaders brief president on new structure

Elections 2010Posted by administrator Fri, May 07, 2010 10:23:30
Leaders of the incoming governing party alliance briefed President Laszlo Solyom on details of the new government structure on Thursday, the President's Office told MTI.

Fidesz leader Viktor Orban, who will head the government, and Christian Democrat leader Zsolt Semjen, also told the president about preparations to form the government and bills for immediate submission to Parliament.

It was announced on Wednesday that Janos Lazar will head the Fidesz parliamentary group and Peter Harrach will lead the Christian Democrats in the legislature.

Pal Schmitt is to be Speaker of Parliament. Schmitt is currently vice-President of the European People's Party and head of Fidesz's group in the European Parliament.

Prime minister-elect Viktor Orban identified two priority tasks at the parliamentary group's founding meeting: to hold former government officials to account for any misdeeds and "save the economy from collapse". Orban said the governing alliance would then amend the constitution so that it becomes "a comprehensive document every Hungarian will be proud of". (Politics)

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