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Socialist government spokesman reveals he did not vote for his own party

Elections 2010Posted by administrator Sat, May 01, 2010 12:54:08
Outgoing Socialist government spokesman Domokos Szollár has accidentally let slip that he didn't vote for the party he currently represents, the Képviselő Funky blog revealed.

Although Szollár has never tried to hide that he comes from a right-leaning family and until fairly recently was a Fidesz supporter, when asked by the TV2 interviewer Wednesday morning who he voted for, he a bit too audibly revealed it was for the LMP at 8:36 of the video.

Since the post went online, Szollár has told the blog that in the individual constituency, he voted for the Socialist candidate.

What does it say when the guy whose job it is to lie for the government can't even bring himself to vote for them? (Politics)

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