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Ethnic Hungarians in Romania expect "clear position" from new government

Elections 2010Posted by administrator Wed, April 28, 2010 11:31:51
Fidesz's two-thirds majority in the new parliament will "hopefully help clarify" relations between the government and ethnic kin in neighbouring countries, the head of Romania's ethnic Hungarian RMDSZ party, told MTI on Tuesday.

Fidesz will be in a position to implement reforms without any restraint from a coalition partner and to sort out "Hungarian-Hungarian ties", which have been prone to tension and sharp disputes over the past twenty years, said Bela Marko.

RMDSZ has always stressed the importance of building a consensus between Hungary's political parties so that the issue of ethnic Hungarians can be handled on a clear basis, he said.

Concerning the possibility of granting Hungarian citizenship to ethnic kin, Marko said that the Fidesz government was likely to make attempts to resolve the much discussed issue.

"It remains to be seen what kind of dual citizenship Fidesz has in mind."

Ethnic Hungarians will probably have to apply for the status individually, though the procedure will be simplified, Marko said.

And unlike current requirements, applicants will not be required to settle in the country before getting citizenship, he added. (Politics)

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