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Jobbik calls for probing of Fidesz, Socialist election databases

Elections 2010Posted by administrator Wed, April 28, 2010 11:29:34
Radical party Jobbik said on Tuesday that it wanted parliament to set up a committee to probe allegations that incoming governing party Fidesz and the Socialists had operated illegal election databases.

A total of 78 votes are needed to set up an investigative committee, noted Elod Novak, Jobbik's deputy leader.

Jobbik won 47 seats in the elections, so it will need to convince deputies from other parties to set up such a committee.

At a news conference held in the square flanking parliament, Novak said he was confident Jobbik would be able to persuade 31 members of parliament to join its initiative.

Novak singled out Gabor Kubatov, the conservative party's election chief, as the central player in a case of the allegedly illegal use of a database of voters containing names, addresses and other personal details.

Fidesz denies any impropriety in the use of its voter database.

The law states that parties have the right to buy the personal information of voters from central database for electioneering purposes, but all data must be deleted after the election has taken place.

The charge against Fidesz is that it used data in a local election campaign culled from previous campaigns. (Politics)

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