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Bajnai ready for transparent transfer of government

Elections 2010Posted by administrator Wed, April 28, 2010 11:27:25
The outgoing Socialist government is ready to hand over all data to its centre-right successor "in the full glare of the public eye", Prime Minister Gordon Bajnai said in a letter to Tibor Navracsics, parliamentary group leader of the Fidesz party, on Tuesday.

Fidesz spokesman Peter Szijjarto refused to attend a hand-over consultation with government representatives set for Tuesday, saying that his party did not see a need for closed-door meetings, but a "comprehensive and public procedure conducted within a clear legal framework."

Bajnai's letter noted that the incumbent government had begun preparations for the hand-over last month, putting together all the information necessary for the new Fidesz-government to smoothly take up and continue the cabinet's tasks.

A full and transparent hand-over would "adjust Hungary's political culture to higher standards than those applied over the past twenty years," said Bajnai. Bajnai noted in his letter that his government had completed a document entitled Transparent Public Finance, which gives a comprehensive picture of Hungary's financial situation, its future commitments, as well as of the fiscal status of all government agencies.

On Monday, Navracsics announced that his party would submit a bill to the new Parliament seeking to regulate the format and content of the hand-over between officials of the outgoing and incoming governments. (Politics)

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