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Orbán vows to rebuild country wrecked by "oligarchs"

Elections 2010Posted by administrator Mon, April 26, 2010 12:00:25
Hungary's prime minister-elect Viktor Orbán promised to reconstruct a country wrecked by "oligarchs who abused their power and set up a new system" after the Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance scored a 68% win and secured a two-thirds parliamentary majority in the second round of the parliamentary elections on Sunday.

Speaking in downtown Vörösmarty in the evening Orbán said "Hungarians have confirmed their commitment to democracy and European values," and expressed thanks to those who stood by his party over the last eight years.

"Today Hungarians have proved that it makes sense to work for democracy. A revolution was scored in polling booths. Hungarians toppled a regime. All Hungarians can be proud of this success," Orbán said.

"From today this system is called one of national co-operation, one in which we shall help one another. The old rules of oligarchs are no longer in force," he said. "National co-operation is an opportunity for all, including ethnic Hungarians abroad," Orbán added.

"It is with joy that I today announce that an attempt to scale a summit without an oxygen tank has been a success," he concluded. (Hungary Around the Clock)

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