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Several hundred thousand marched in pro-government rally in Budapest

Hungary TodayPosted by administrator Sat, January 21, 2012 18:52:54
Several hundred thousand of pro-government demonstrators started out from Heroes’ Square to parliament as part of the March of Peace for Hungary in the afternoon on Saturday.

Many of the demonstrators held flags with the national colours and placards with the names of their cities and towns, some in regions of Romania and Slovakia with large populations of ethnic kin, MTI’s correspondent at the scene reported.

The demonstrators say they want to show that they have no other intention but to “live in freedom, with respect for others, in peace, understanding and in the framework of democracy”.

Nobody is slated to give a speech.

The demonstration was organised by the journalist Zsolt Bayer, the editor Andras Bencsik, the historian Gabor Bencsik and the businessman Gabor Szeles, among others.

(By MTI)

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