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Government to open five-party talks on cardinal laws, says Fidesz group leader

Domestic politicsPosted by administrator Wed, February 08, 2012 12:13:25
Fidesz’s board decided to call for five-party talks on the most “sensitive” two-thirds laws not yet passed, the parliamentary group leader of the ruling Fidesz party said in an interview to daily Nepszabadsag on Monday.

Consultations on the election law and on party financing could be concluded by June, Janos Lazar added.

The policy of consolidation the prime minister mentioned recently in Brussels means efforts to strengthen Hungary’s position abroad and stabilise the country at home.

In a bid to stabilise its position abroad, Hungary is seeking to reach consensus in a number of issues with Brussels, Berlin, Paris and with its neighbours where ethnic Hungarians live, and have fewer conflicts than in the past, he said.

Under that policy Hungary’s objective is to make a new alliance with Germany, dispel their concerns for democracy and win their support in rebuilding Hungary, Lazar said, confirming that making these objectives clear to both CDU and CSU is the purpose of his visit to Berlin this week.

Asked about the issue of Hungary’s prospective talks on a loan agreement with the IMF and its support for the European stability pact being “the price” for a green light from the EU to start those talks Lazar said he had no knowledge of such a condition.

“We want to reach an agreement with the IMF, in a fashion such businesses are usually conducted between two sides as partners. The IMF is not forcing a dictatum onto us, it is about an agreement that is favourable for both sides,” Lazar said, adding that stability is the greatest guarantee for both the IMF and EU.

On the issue of the final number of state-subsidised places in higher education, Lazar voiced his concern that law training would not be available for a large part of the society and those excluded would turn to universities abroad.

In the new higher education system, only two universities, both based in Budapest, would offer state-subsidised places for law students.(By MTI)

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